THRIVE | Coworking and its 501(c)(3) nonprofit sister organization, THRIVE | Initiative — collectively known as THRIVE — are setting a new standard for hybrid, flexible work resources. THRIVE provides a purpose-driven, socially engaged environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees of both large and small businesses, combining design-forward style and thoughtful amenities with philanthropy and community involvement. Founded in 2015, THRIVE collaborates directly with companies and organizations to supply the remote-work solutions they need, where they want them, providing convenient, 24/7/365 office space and a curated workplace culture.
The THRIVE | Initiative microdonation app allows users to roundup up their credit or debit card purchases to the nearest dollar amount and donate the difference to a local charity, turning every transaction into an act of kindness. A roster of area retailers in turn offer discounts on goods and services to THRIVE | Initiative participants.
THRIVE leverages the power of enterprise as a force for good, providing inspiration for others to do the same, helping communities to flourish.